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John Test 1651–1706 First spouse: Elizabeth Sanders 1651–1689 Second spouse: Grace Wooley 1666–after 1718

All the Key Documents John Test’s Signature
From June 28, 1675 Agreement

John Test and Elizabeth Sanders
The Marriage License Allegation Record

June 11, 1675
First Purchase of Land in New Jersey
The Malster Receipt

June 28, 1675
Agreement Between Fenwick and the Members of the Salem Colony

Passenger List of the Griffin – The Ship that Carried John Test and Elizabeth Sanders to America

Purchase of Land at Upland
Minutes of the Board of Property
of the Province of Pennsylvania

List of Items John Test Sold to Gov. Edmund Andros

All the References to John Test in the Record of the Court at Upland

All the References to John Test in the Record of the Court at New Castle

John Test Sheriff

Appointed Sheriff at Upland

Appointed Sheriff of Philadelphia
Minutes of the Pennsylvania Provincial Council and Assembly

More Documents on John Test

Five Biographical Sketches of John Test

1. John Test 1651–1706: The Pioneer Ancestor of the American Family
By Laura G. Fryburg

2. John Test
By Nathan Hall

3. John Test
By Glenn Test

4. John Test
By Dorothy Hardin Massey and Clifford M. Hardin

5. John Test
By Dr. Charles E. Test

Chart of Topics Covered in These 5 Bio-Sketches

Key Documents Continued

Three Important Trials
John Test Prosecutor

9th Month – November – 1683
The Case of the Alexander of Inverness

12th Month – February – 1683
The 1683 Witchcraft Trial

The Case Against the Mariner Samuel Harrison

These numbered months are by the Julian Calendar

John Test’s Handwritten Will

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